Georgina is the Section Editor for the Group and Intergroup Processes Section of Social and Personality Psychology Compass. She is also a past member of the British Psychological Society's Research Board and the BPS Undergraduate Education Committee, which accredits undergraduate degrees across the UK. Georgina is currently a member of the British Psychological Society’s Education and Public Engagement Board, and is a committee member of the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments.  Georgina is also an active member of the newly launched SPSSI-UK’s Steering Group.

Research interests

Georgina's research is principally in the areas of leadership, diversity, and innovation. She is interested in how leaders manage the delicate line of representing their group whilst also pushing the boundaries and/or being different or unexpected in some way. Georgina's research interests are broadly based around intra-and intergroup dynamics and social psychology in organizations.


Project supervision

Georgina is interested in supervising research projects on: Leadership diversity and how groups respond to unexpected leaders; organizational identification; perceptions of equality; intra- and intergroup dynamics; and group decision-making.

Teaching activities

Georgina contributes to teaching on group processes, leadership, and business psychology. She also supervises applied degree placements, final year projects, and postgraduate research.


Current research students

  • Andre Marques - PhD Social Psychology: TBA. Funder: School of Psychology Studentship
  • Ben Steeden - PhD Social Psychology. Funded by Departmental studentship.
  • Clara De Inocencio Laporta - PhD Social Psychology (2nd supervisor): "Toward a comprehensive theory of career callings".
  • Dawn Nicholson - PhD Psychology (Co-2nd supervisor): "Unlocking the benefits of group diversity: Applying the power of the premortem".

Past research students

  • Dr Laura Di Bella - PhD Psychology: "Women's Adaptation to STEM Promotes Superior Judgment Skills and Decision Making". Funder: School of Psychology, University of Kent.
  • Dr Carola Leicht - PhD Social Psychology: "Moderation of prototype-based leadership evaluation through the challenging of social stereotypes". Funder: School of Psychology, University of Kent.
  • Dr Lynsey Mahmood - PhD Social Psychology: "Mindfulness and social judgements". Funder: University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship.
  • Dr Catarina Morais - PhD Social Psychology: "Do ethics really matter? Understanding group reactions to unethical leadership". Funder: University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship.
  • Dr Abigail Player - PhD Social Psychology: "Leadership Selection: Leadership Potential, Leadership Performance and Gender". Funder: Higher Education Academy.
  • Dr Giovanni Travaglino - PhD Social Psychology: "Sociopsychological mechanisms underlying group reactions to deviant leaders". Funder: School of Psychology, University of Kent.
  • Dr Fatima Tresh - MSc and PhD Social Psychology: "Leadership potential: The role of uncertainty". Funder: Economic and Social Research Council South East DTC (1+3)


Grants and Awards 

2015European Association of Social Psychology
"Unexpected Leadership" group meeting
2014Ideas Factory 
Leadership in challenging times
2013G. Randsley de Moura and A. Player
Higher Education Academy
Flexible pedagogies
2012-15Higher Education Academy 
Recognition and reward in the workplace: Psychological and behavioural effects and consequences
2009-10Higher Education Academy
Try your career on for size (www.kent.ac.uk/psychology/employability)
2008-09Challenge Fund
Stage 2 innovative assessment designs, University of Kent

Professional memberships

  • American Psychological Society
  • British Psychological Society – Associate Fellow - (and Social Psychology Section)
  • European Association of Social Psychology
  • Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (and affiliated SPSSI – UK)
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