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Amelia Turrell

Research Student
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Amelia is a Research Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the School of Psychology. Her research mainly focuses on the effects of music on the brain and emotions. Specifically, she is interested in brain activity and positive emotive effects in relation to ‘Drops’ in dance music. 

Drops refer to a singular moment in dance music where musical features such as tempo, frequency, and rhythm build in a moment of anticipation to then stop/slow and dramatically deviate. Amelia's PhD aims to develop our understanding of how music influences the brain and associated emotions, with the intention to develop a novel intervention utilising Drops.  

Thesis title


Research interests

  • Cognitive/Neuropsychology
  • EEG and tDCS
  • Music psychology
  • Emotions
  • Mental Health


Dr Amir-Homayoun Javadi



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