Professor Bob Johnston

Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Professor Bob Johnston


Bob Johnston is an Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Psychology.

Research interests

Bob's main areas of current research relate to the cognitive processes underlying face and object processing:

  • accessing and representing information about familiar people
  • recognising other-race faces
  • how unfamiliar faces become familiar
  • how age-of-acquisition influences object identification


Not currently available for PhD supervision  

Past research students

  • Dr David Etchells: Understanding how and when unfamiliar faces become familiar
  • Dr Rachel Rogers: An analysis of non-physical factors which influence how a face is processed to form attractiveness judgements
  • Dr Eleanor Tomlinson: Face processing and emotion recognition in schizophrenia
  • Dr Jonathan Catling: Age of Acquisition effects: towards a unified account
  • Dr Ruth Clutterbuck : An experimental assessment of the acquiistion of face familiarity
  • Dr Agnieszka Lech: Forensic evaluation of witnesses’ performance in creation, identification and recognition of offenders’ facial composites; the question of their confidence and accuracy
  • Dr Michael Lewis: A computational and empirical investigation into the face space
  • Dr Leslie Scanlan: Face and object recognition in adults and children
  • Dr Olga Zubko: Sources of individual variability in face recognition


Grants and awards

2003-05 R. A. Johnston, G. W. Humphreys (Birmingham), C. Barry & T. Lloyd-Jones
Leverhulme Trust
Semantic access and naming for pictures: Age-of -Acquisition and frequency
2005-07R. A. Johnston
Processing Other-race faces in tasks without a long term memory component
2004R. A. Johnston
The Wellcome Trust
fMRI training grant


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