Hilal Özkececi

Postgraduate Researcher


Hilal Özkecec is a Postgraduate Researcher in the School of Psychology.

Thesis title


Research interests

  • Pro-environmental behavior
  • Climate change activism
  • Public and private sphere environmentalism
  • Environmental collective action and protest behavior
  • Environmental concern and risk perceptions
  • Moral foundations and moral emotions
  • Political ideology and environmentalism

Hilal's main research area falls within the intersection of environmental and political psychology. For their PhD research, they aim to examine the antecedents of pro-environmental concern and behavior as well as environmental activism. Primarily Hilal will be focusing on how different moral foundations are related to behavioral and attitudinal components of environmental activism by incorporating the framework collective action. 

Hilal is also interested in the theoretical distinction between public and private forms of pro-environmental behavior and environmental activism in terms of their psychological antecedents.


Professor Dominic Abrams (1st supervisor)



2017-2020 – Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

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