Portrait of Arti Makwana

Arti Makwana

Postgraduate Researcher


Arti Makwana is a Postgraduate Researcher in the School of Psychology.

Thesis title


Research interests

Arti is interested in looking at individual differences and how they are related to social and political psychology. More specifically, she is interested in why people have different emotional reactions to different outgroups, i.e. feeling threatened, anxious or empathetic. My PhD research will look at the role of emotional intelligence in this phenomenon by investigating the role of emotion management and regulation in intergroup emotions and behaviour.


  • SP301 Introduction to Biological and General Psychology
  • SP302 Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology


Dr Kristof Dhont



School of Psychology studentship


  • Cichocka, A, Dhont, K, & Makwana, A. On Self-love and Out-group Hate: Opposite Effects of Narcissism on Prejudice via Social Dominance Orientation and Right-Wing Authoritarianism. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Conference presentations

  • Cichocka, A, Dhont, K, & Makwana, A. (2015, Dec). Are narcissists more prejudiced? The opposing mediational roles of social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism. Poster presented at the Political Psychology Conference 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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