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Psychology Summer School

3 November 2017

Investigating the Social Mind
Dates: Sunday 01 July – Sunday 15 July 2018

This course will examine contemporary concepts, theories and findings in social psychology, with particular emphasis on how individuals understand themselves, other people, and the world around them. Students will participate in lectures, discussions and presentations surrounding a range of questions, for example: Why do you like the things you do? How well do you know yourself? Is social behaviour largely automatic, and does this undermine free will? Students are expected to complete the course with an understanding of the real-world implications of major findings in social psychology.

Research indicates that interpersonal relationships and group-based interactions are strongly affected by how people understand and react to the world which surrounds them.  During this course you will investigate recent research into Psychology relating to the 'social mind' and how this influences people's thoughts and behaviours. You will gain a key insight into an important aspect of the human psyche. This will help you to understand the key factors which influence how we live and work with other people.

For more information and to apply for your place, please see the Psychology Summer School page.


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