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Heather Rolfe wins best talk prize at PhD Conference

5 October 2017

Thanks to all who participated in our annual Psychology PhD Conference on 27 September.

Each year, the School awards prizes to the best oral and poster presentations.

Best talk prize (for 3rd year research students)

This year the runaway winner for the oral presentation was Heather Rolfe. Her research on the novel topic of moral aspects of music preferences showed a clear, logical progression between studies and was presented with great verve and enthusiasm.

Special mentions go to the runners-up in both staff and popular ratings, Courtney Allen and Emma Garcia. Their talks were clear and engaging, and both did a great job of communicating their programmatic work on topics of applied interest.

Best poster prizes (for 2nd year research students)

For the posters, Fadi Ifram and Hannah Tummon walked away with joint first prize.  Fadi’s was a very professional, attractive, and uncluttered presentation of novel work on the effects of exercise on long-term memory. Hannah’s poster was quite different in that it conveyed a lot of detail about a multi-study programme of work on face matching, which simulates airports in VR.

Well done to all presenters in both formats, for showcasing your work and making it an intellectually rich and stimulating day.


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