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The ability to analyse, interpret and present numerical, statistical and graphical data. This can be for the purposes of supporting evidence or demonstrating a point.

Key Concepts

• Analysis
• Interpretation
• Statistics
• Support evidence
• Accuracy
• Problem Solving
• Using SPSS
• Manipulation of number
• Undertake and evaluate empirical work using data

How do I get it?

Academic Setting:

• Analysis in report writing
• Reading journal reports
• SPSS exercises
• Statistics module

Extra Curricular Activities:

• Handling your finances/managing accounts
• Treasurer for a society

How to improve it?

Read journal articles with a good analysis section, paying particular attention to how the author has manipulated the data.

Remember to practice reading and understanding what the analysis means, it is much easier to understand the purpose of the research if you can understand why the data has been used as it has.



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