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Eske is a Post-Doctoral Researcher for the GCRF COMPASS project at the School of Politics and International Relations. Her research focuses on changing power dynamics between the EU and states in the post-Soviet region, looking at strategies of resistance and negotiation. She also examines issues of regime legitimacy in non-competitive regimes and the instrumentalisation of international relations in this regard. 

Eske is part of the Global Europe Centre at Kent. She completed her PhD research in 2016, with a thesis on bargaining power in relations between the European Union and Azerbaijan; and was a Lecturer in East European Politics at the School before commencing the Post Doc. In 2016, she was awarded the University of Kent Research Prize for Postgraduate research, and shortlisted for the Kent Union Teaching Awards. 

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    Furthermore published as GLOBSEC Policy Institute publication (2015), Global Europe Centre Policy Paper (2016), and Riga Summit Policy Paper (2016)
  • Merheim-Eyre, I., E. Van Gils and L. Janulewicz (eds.) (2014). All things to all people? Internal and external approaches to Europeanisation: Workshop proceedings. Global Europe Centre, University of Kent.
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Research Interests

  • European Union external policies and the Eastern Partnership
  • Politics in the post-Soviet region, with particular attention for Azerbaijan
  • Capacity-building in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
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No teaching in academic year 18/19

Modules convened previously: 

  • PO618 East European Politics (2016-2017)
  • PO831 The  EU in the World (2015-2016 and 2016-2017)
  • PO566 Europe and the World (2016-2017)
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