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About Diplomacy@Kent

This project develops a ‘living diplomacy’ programme that connects UKC with the world. Diplomacy lies at the heart of the University’s mission of meeting the world: we build relationships through seeking shared understandings, and through negotiation we seek positive outcomes for ourselves as students, staff and collectively as a University.

Traditionally diplomacy was the preserve of states and of professional diplomats but today it is a core skill for learning and personal development (for staff and students) and integral to workplaces and organisations engaging in diplomacy’s core functions of cross-cultural communication and mediation.

The aim:

To make Kent a Beacon in Europe for the understanding of the practice of diplomacy. The Beacon project will establish the University at the centre of a set of linkages, using our European campuses and strategic partners, to position the University as the hub for activities focusing on the contemporary practice of diplomacy in Europe and beyond.

The ambition:

To create the Programme for European Diplomacy at the University which delivers prestigious public events, academic research and enquiry and practitioner user engagement. The Programme establishes external reputation as the platform for the University upon which to build teaching, CPD and consultancy activities as the European Diplomacy University.

The Project will be hosted by the School of Politics and International Relations with core components delivered by the Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) and the Global Europe Centre (GEC) which operate on both our Brussels and Canterbury campuses.

The research centres:

(CARC and GEC) will use the Diplomacy@Kent Programme to amplify their profiles in applied international relations. CARC’s work on mediation and conflict management has been orientated since its foundation on the solutions to conflict via diplomatic and Track-II methods. CARC is also now home to the Conflict Research Society (CRS) and will be hosting the CRS Annual Conference at Kent in Autumn 2015 –with Doing Diplomacy as its organising theme. GEC has a primary focus on Europe’s place within a changing global context and the development of diplomatic infrastructure and policy coherence for engaging with international relations. Both are equally committed to connecting cutting edge academic research with broader audiences and stakeholders beyond higher education.

Expanding their profile for Diplomacy@Kent will facilitate and enable these connections and simultaneously augment potential pathways to impact in advance of REF2020. The Beacon project will also allow the CARC and GEC to identify and exploit relevant alumni as partners for future research funding activity (eg.Horizon 2020 bids).

The appointment of Diplomatic Fellows at Kent will further the connection between practitioners and academics on the practice of diplomacy and build sustained relationships beyond the span of the Beacon project itself.

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