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The Open Forum is a weekly meeting in which staff and students of all levels (i.e. BA, MA, PhD) come together for a range of activities. Some weeks the Open Forum provides the opportunity for the school to come together to discuss pressing contemporary questions in the world of politics and international relations, such as BREXIT, the War in Syria, Same Sex Marriage or the purpose of University Education.  On other occasions, the Open Forum provides skill development sessions designed for students at different stages of their studies, but open to everyone. Students participating the the POLITICS+ programme are awarded points for attendance. The Open Forum takes place every Monday 1200-1300 (excluding reading weeks), during the Autumn and Spring terms in Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1. 

Spring Term 2018

Date Topic
15 January

Can We still ‘Fight the Power’? Dr Iain MacKenzie

22 January

Finishing Strongly: How to make the Best of Your Final Term, Dr Harmonie Toros (this is a compulsory session for all 3rd year undergraduates)

29 January Reforming the United Nations Security Council, Ms Valeria Minisini and Mr Simeon Onaji, Kent Model United Nations Committee.
5 February

Democratic Representation and Accountability: The Challenge of Populism, Dr Ed Morgan-Jones

19 February

The Practical Relevance of Political Theory: Can We Think of a World Without Work? Dr Ben Turner

26 February

How It Feels to be a Refugee: A Personal Experience, Mr Alex Ntung, Member of the UK Expert Witness Institute and author of Not My Worst Day: A personal journey through violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (EARS Press, 2013)

5 March

Why do Opinion Polls Often Get It Wrong? Dr Erik Larsen

12 March

Where Are We Now with Brexit? Prof Matthew Goodwin

19 March

The End of International Order, Prof Trine Flockhart

26 March

Acing Your Exams: Tips for an Efficient Preparation, Dr Harmonie Toros

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