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‘The Revival of Federalism: Post-Cold War and Post Arab Spring Challenges and Prospects’. Roundtable to launch Professor Burgess’s book In Search of the Federal Spirit. Dr Rupak Chattopadhyay, Professor Michael Burgess, Dr Neophytos Loizides and Dr Govinda Clayton. 16 October 2013.


‘Federal Political Culture Revisited’. 33th Annual Conference of the International Association of Centers for Federal Studies.  17-19 September 2009.


‘Like Federalism, Like Snow? Alternative Discourses on Federalism’. 3rd Annual Lecture. Professor Richard Simeon (University of Toronto, Canada). 19 November 2008.


‘The Three Faces of American Federalism’. 2nd Annual Lecture. Professor John Kincaid (Lafayette College, USA). 31 October 2007.


‘Contemporary Relevance of the Federal Idea’. 1st Annual Lecture. Professor Ronald Watts (Queen’s University, Canada). 12 October 2006.

‘Federal State and Federal Society in Australia’. Visiting Speaker Lecture. Professor Cheryl Saunders (University of Melbourne, Australia). 2 February 2006.


‘Federalism and the British: Anatomy of a Neurosis’. Inaugural Lecture. Professor David Marquand. 10 October 2005.



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