Portrait of Maria Del Carmen Chas Bartolome

Maria Del Carmen Chas Bartolome

Assistant Lecturer


Carmen Chas is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the University of Kent, Canterbury, where she holds a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Scholarship. Her PhD thesis, entitled Realism and Arms Control Treaties, examines the limits of the law as seen through arms control and disarmament treaties. In particular, she is interested in investigating the jurisprudence of the law behind arms restrictions and the possibility that the legal restrictions and taboos surrounding the trade and use of arms might be eroded due to political necessities.

Prior to her doctorial study, Carmen obtained a Master of Laws in International Law with International Relations with Merit and at the University of Kent and Bachelor of Laws with Upper Second Class Honours at the University of Kent.

Research interests

  • Arms control and disarmament
  • International law
  • Realism
  • International relations theory


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