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Hicks, L. et al. (2017). Magnetite in Comet Wild 2: Evidence for parent body aqueous alteration. Meteoritics and Planetary Science [Online]. Available at:
McDermott, K. et al. (2016). Survivability of copper projectiles during hypervelocity impacts in porous ice: A laboratory investigation of the survivability of projectiles impacting comets or other bodies. Icarus [Online] 268:102-117. Available at:
Steer, B. et al. (2016). Raman spectroscopic identification of size-selected airborne particles for quantitative exposure assessment. Measurement Science & Technology [Online] 27:45801-45801. Available at:
Lennox, R. et al. (2015). PZT-like structural phase transitions in the BiFeO3–KNbO3 solid solution. Dalton Transactions [Online] 44:10608-10613. Available at:
Burchell, M. et al. (2015). SMART-1 end of life shallow regolith impact simulations. Meteoritics & Planetary Science [Online] 50:1436-1448. Available at:
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