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Information for parents

We have created these pages in recognition of your need for information as parents and carers of our students. We hope you find the information useful and that it helps to answer some of the questions you may have regarding your son or daughter's arrival into higher education.

Welcome to parents of prospective students

Welcome to parents of prospective students

There is a comprehensive amount of information for parents of prospective students available on the main university website. You can find help and advice on subjects ranging from the UCAS application process to how to prepare for the first year of University.  Please see the parents and family main University page for further information.

Confidentiality and disclosure

Confidentiality and disclosure

As employees of the University of Kent, all members of staff are bound to keep issues confidential in relation to personal information, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 (except where it can be harmful to a student or third party). Please do not ask us to divulge any information about a student (even that they are a student here) without their explicit written consent. See the document ‘Confidentiality and Disclosure’.

Specifically where a third-party wants to make contact about a student: read the Guidelines on meetings and correspondence with third-parties and ensure that the permission form (found here) has been completed by the student and received by the School.

Welcome to parents of registered students

Welcome to parents of registered students

The School of Physical Sciences is concerned about the progress and development of all our students and recognises that sometimes serious personal health or family issues may have a severe detrimental effect on a student’s health and wellbeing and, in some cases, their ability to study may cease. This may be for a short period of time (e.g. 1-2 weeks, when a concession with medical evidence should be discussed) or for a longer period of time (when a request for intermission, i.e. taking an officially agreed break in the studies for that academic year, may be advised), finances permitting*, rather than withdrawal, which means the student is leaving the University completely.

*Finance – Students who wish to intermit from their studies for a short period of time need to contact their Finance Provider (see details on the University’s Finance section for students at: (or located in the Registry) to determine the personal financial implications of any chosen course of action.

Emergency situations – If there is an emergency situation affecting a registered student, the School’s Student Support Adviser is able to receive information.  Initially we can give only general advice (publicly available information) about the University’s procedures which could be helpful to you about the Personal Academic Support System (PASS) at the University and within the School of Physical Sciences.  At times of crisis or in an emergency, we are fully aware that there are many concerns for parents and family members, and we will do our very best to deal respectfully with any serious matters affecting a student.

Who to contact

Who to contact

Where possible, a student should make contact via email (or telephone). If this is not possible and you wish to make contact on their behalf about a vital personal/family health/welfare issue, please email the School’s Student Support Adviser (Mrs Christine Vickerman) as the first point of contact on the PASS team who deals with student concessions due to health/welfare issues. Email (or telephone 01227 827311) in order to inform us about an emergency issue and to seek further advice. 

NB. Students will need their University login and password to access the SPS website holding information available only to registered students (‘Local users’), such as the PASS student support web-pages. See under ‘Forms’: ‘UG Absence_Concession’; ‘Types of Evidence’, ‘Request to intermit’ application form.

Third-party (including parents) contact with the School

Specifically where a third-party (including parents) wishes to make contact about a student

Please read the document: Guidelines on meetings and correspondence with third-parties.
For discussion to take place about a named person in the School with third-parties (including parents), the School needs to have received a completed permission form (found here) from the person in question.
When this form is received, a parent (or other close adult/family member approved by the student) can then discuss specific issues with a named person in the School.

Please return p2 of the completed signed form of ‘Guidelines for staff, students and parents on staff parent meetings’ to:

Mrs Christine Vickerman, Student Support Adviser
University of Kent 
School of Physical Sciences, Ingram Room 209,
Kent CT2 7NH

or via Email:

School of Physical Sciences, Ingram Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NH

Enquiries: contact us

Last Updated: 11/11/2016