Portrait of Dr Alexandra Trofimov

Dr Alexandra Trofimov

Lecturer in Philosophy


Dr Alexandra Trofimov received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Kent in 2017. She has previously worked as a graduate teaching assistant and as an associate and assistant lecturer at the University.

Research interests

Alexandra's research interests are in moral and legal philosophy and epistemology. She is particularly interested in conditions of moral responsibility, negligence, the distinction between justification and excuse and practical and epistemic reasons and norms. 

Her current research focuses on developing conditions of responsibility for beliefs and positive epistemic norms. This research has significant and wide impact potential; Alexandra is particularly interested in its relevance to consent and the associated duty to inform in both medical and technology contexts. 

Alexandra is a member of the British Society for Ethical Theory, the Kent Philosophy Teachers' Association and the University of Kent Health Methodology Group.


In 2020/2021, Alexandra is teaching Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Language and co-teaching the LLM module Healthcare Law and Ethics. 

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