Feature panels

These are used to make a strong marketing statement hightlighting key features on a landing page and allowing users to navigate to further details.

Other instances of the feature panels on this page show how they can also incorporate other media to support your content to add interest and interaction:

They rely strongly on quality images and videos and should not be used unless quality imagery and video can be supported.

If you need to elaborate on a specific topic, an editorial feature panel may be better.

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a flower

Block heading

Block description text

a hummingbird

Overlay subtitle

Overlay description

Block heading

  • Displays the topic heading
  • Use a short heading, try stick to two lines on desktop - about 32 characters.
  • Can be positioned right or left - positiion with consideration to the subject of the panel image.

Block description text

  • Keep short and concise, about 4 lines on desktop - 210 characters.

Panel image/video

  • A strong, impactful image (or video) makes a panel feature successful. [image guidelines link]
  • Only use quality images. We recommend a ratio of 3:2 at a size of 1920x1280px.

    Photoshop template (PSD) Image preparation guidelines (PDF)

  • The placement of the subject of the image will need consideration to work with the block heading.

Overlay subtitle and description

  • Can be optionally used to highlight a specific instance of the topic. For example, if the feature is about "Research at Kent", the subtitle could display a specific research project and link to it.
  • Keep the description text short - less than 90 characters

Related links

  • You can have up to 4 related links.
  • Keep the text short - max 30 characters.

Editorial feature panel

  • A short overview with follow on links.
  • The content can contain a maximum of about 95 words - about 580 characters, less if the heading goes onto two lines.
  • You will need to text the content across different screen sized be resizing your browser window and reduce the amound of words if the content overflows at any point.
Editorial feature panel

An editorial panel

Kent is not only a great place to study, it’s also a great place to live. Every day you encounter new cultures, interests and backgrounds. Your Kent experience will be completely unique and will equip you for every aspect of your life and career.

Student experience Coming to Kent will be life-changing. Enjoy new experiences from the day you arrive until your graduation.

Stunning locations We have two stunning campuses and a part-time study centre in Kent, plus four study centres in Europe.

Modern accommodation Our accommodation offers a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.

  • Four featured items comprised of an image (optional, not used on key feature links), heading, description (optional) and meta data.
  • Keep the design looking neat and balanced by using equal amounts of content for each feature.
  • Image - prepare to the aspect ratio of 3:2 (1920x1080px).
  • Heading - keep as short and focussed as possible. On a desktop, try avoid going on to three lines, but 1-2 lines is best, (about 55 characters).
  • Description - on a desktop 2-3 lines is best (about 85 characters), 4 lines maximum.
Video feature panel

Video launcher

Block subtitle

Alt text

Some overlay text

An overlay description a description


  • A quotation, image, name, title and follow-on link (optional).
  • Keep the quote short and succinct - try avoid more than four lines on desktop, about 30 words or 162 characters.
  • Image - the profile image must be cropped to a square - suggest 500x500px.

Quote Firstname Lastname

Profile name

You will be surprised at how independent you become at university so if you are not quite there yet, don't worry

Firstname Lastname Coursename BA(Hons) View profile
Looping background feature panel

Looping background video

Block subtitle

Some overlay text

An overlay description a description

Kent is a UK top 20 University according to the Best University Guide.

Slider feature panel


Slide through relating content

Alt text

Some overlay text

An overlay description a description

Canterbury Campus

Some overlay text

An overlay description a description

Alt text

Some overlay text

An overlay description a description

Social Quote from facebook

This is a quote from someone

Try facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, flickr, rss, tumblr, pinterest, instagam, google-plus, mendeley, academia-eu
Call-to-action feature panel
Alt text

We have amazing courses

See our courses

Social Quote from twitter

This is a quote from someone

Gulbenkian logo

T2 Trainspotting

Catch the follow-up to Danny Boyle’s propulsive, provocative Trainspotting.

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Two students sitting on a large deckchair

Worldfest: Medway Diversity Fayre

Free food and performances as part of our international celebration.

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Students attending an Open Day

Postgraduate Open Event

Come and talk to specialist academics and admissions staff about postgraduate study at our campuses.

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Baroness Helena Kennedy

Public lecture: Helena Kennedy QC

Public lecture by Baroness Helena Kennedy, a leading barrister and expert in human rights law, civil liberties and constitutional issues.

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Colourful ceramics

Studio 3 art exhibition

Soft Formalities considers the place of formalism within the contemporary practices of Susie Green, Emmet Kierans, Kari Stewart and Christian Newby.

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