Application timeline

Application timeline

Applying to university is a straightforward process but there are key dates and deadlines to be aware of. The guide below highlights these and what your child needs to be doing at each stage.


If your child is interesting in going to university they will usually apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

UCAS opens for applications in early September. The deadline for most applications is 15 January. They should check if their school or college has an earlier deadline.

Apply via UCAS


15 October is the deadline for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science applications.

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Universities start to make decisions

If they receive an offer from Kent and/or we invite them for an interview, they’ll be invited to an Applicant Day. These run from November until end of March/beginning of April.

Kent's Applicant Days


UCAS deadline

They should submit their application by 15 January.

Apply for accommodation

They should apply for accommodation as soon as they receive a conditional or unconditional offer from Kent via UCAS. They do not need to wait until they have replied to their offer as we will simply cancel their application if they decide to decline the offer. The deadline for applying for accommodation is 31 July.

Apply for student finance

They should also apply for student finance as early as possible.  Read the handy Quick Start Finance Guide from Student Finance England. They will need to apply online



Universities make offers

They will start to receive offers. Kent makes the majority of decisions in the spring term, but please reassure them to be patient if they've not heard from us. They can contact us via KentVision if they have concerns.

UCAS Extra is open from 25 February – 4 July . If they have used all five of their choices on their original application and they’re not holding an offer, they’ll be able to add another choice using Extra.

UCAS conventions run from February to June. Their school/college may arrange a trip


Kent’s Applicant Days usually finish in April, so make sure you check the available dates in KentVision and book your visit.



Time to make firm and insurance choices

They will need to make their firm and insurance choices. They can do this via UCAS Track

Kent's Applicant Days

Kent’s Applicant Days finish in April, but there are other ways you can visit us.

How to visit Kent

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Kent's deadline for accommodation applications is 31 July. Apply for accommodation

Apply direct to Kent

If they have received their exam results, they can apply direct to Kent if they've not already made a UCAS application. If they are studying for a BTEC or International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification, they may get their results in July.

Make a direct application to Kent


Results published

Results for A levels, Scottish Highers and the Irish Leaving Certificate are published.


If they haven't met the conditions of their offer, they can still apply to university via Clearing.

UCAS Adjustment

Adjustment opens from A-level results day until 31 August. If they have met and exceeded the conditions of their their conditional firm offer and have been accepted on that course, they are eligible to enter Adjustment. This means they can look for a different course while still holding their confirmed place.

UCAS deadlines

They should meet any remaining conditions by 31 August otherwise they may not be accepted. Adjustment closes on 31 August. 


Preparing for university

If they have met the conditions of their offer, their place will be confirmed and they can begin to start preparing for university!

If they are coming to Kent, we will be in regular contact with them via email. They will need to complete some essential processes before they arrive, but you can find out all about these via our Getting Started website.

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