VC at SAC event

Inviting the Vice-Chancellor

If you wish to invite the Vice-Chancellor to your event you need as much notice as you can.  The Vice-Chancellor’s diary can be booked up to 6 months in advance provided you have a definite date and times.  Ruth Johnson ( is happy to receive enquiries about the Vice-Chancellor’s likely availability if you wish to ascertain this before booking your event.

At the time of booking we need to know the level of involvement you wish from the Vice-Chancellor, eg, power point, speech, a few words, presenting awards, or just attendance.  A briefing document (click here) should be completed and sent to Ruth Johnson a week before your event.  If the Vice-Chancellor is speaking at your event you will also need to liaise with David Powell regarding points that you would like her to cover.

The University’s Executive Group is collectively responsible for supporting events and it may be more appropriate for a member of EG other than the Vice-Chancellor to attend in many circumstances. View our Executive Group portfolios.