Event support

Discretionary Fund

Schools and Centres hosting events with an external focus, may apply to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for a financial contribution towards the cost of hospitality – usually a reception.

Those wishing to apply for the Fund should initially contact Ruth Johnson (r.johnson@kent.ac.uk) with the date of the event, the approximate numbers expected and details regarding the seniority of external invitees.

AFTER the event, you should send through the Confirmation of Catering Charge (once this is received from the Conference Office); the discretionary payment will then be made by journal to the account code given.  You will, at this stage, receive an email advising you of the sum being transferred.

The total contribution to any one School will not exceed £500 in a year.

Distinguished Visitor Lectures

The University hosts a wide range of public lectures and similar events, the majority arranged by schools to meet their specific academic objectives. Some PSDs may also host external speakers. Lectures will frequently be given by specialists in their field and directed at other specialists. Some will already be branded in some way.

On occasions where a visiting lecturer may have wider name recognition, the event is not already branded in some way and the topic of their lecture could be of interest to an audience outside their specialism, the University as whole may derive benefit from being associated with the event. In these cases the events can be characterised as Distinguished Visitor Lectures and benefit from the package of support outlined below.

Central Support

Central University support for a Distinguished Visitor Lecture would be as follows:

  1. Publicity: Corporate Communications will provide support to ensure information about the event is shared across appropriate University communication channels and, where appropriate, wider media coverage.
  2. Reception. OVC would provide limited funding to support a reception in honour of the visitor
  3. Organisation:  The Corporate Events Team in Development Office would provide light touch support for the event. This would include any combination of the following:
    1. Assistance in identifying senior external guests;
    2. Assistance with invitations if necessary;
    3. Arranging hospitality, monitoring responses, executive group briefings; and
    4. Appropriate attendance of Corporate Events staff. 
  4. Senior Engagement. It would be expected that a Distinguished Visitor Lecture would be introduced by a member of EG, with the vote of thanks given by the appropriate member of staff from the School. In some circumstances, it may be appropriate to arrange a small VIP dinner to follow the lecture, which the OVC would consider funding.

Application Process

All Academic Schools and PSDs are welcome to apply for a lecture to be characterised as a Distinguished Visitor Lecture and thus to obtain the central support outlined above. The Vice Chancellor will make the decision and applications should therefore be made to Ruth Johnson (r.johnson@kent.ac.uk).

There is no formal application form. Ruth will, however, need information on: 
-              The name of the proposed lecturer;
-              An indication why the proposed topic might be of wider interest; and
-              The proposed date and time. 

In general, applications should be made at least 12 weeks before the proposed event.