John Wightman



Academic career

John Wightman became Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2010, following six years as Head of Kent Law School.


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  • Wightman, J. (1998). "Negligent Valuers and a Drop in the Property Market: the Limits of the Expectation Loss Principle". Modern Law Review 61.
  • Wightman, J. (1998). 'Nuisance - the Environmental Tort? Hunter v Canary Wharf in the House of Lords'. Modern Law Review.

Book section

  • Wightman, J. and Jackson, N. (2003). Spatial Dimensions of Private Law. in: Holder, J. and Harrison, C. eds. Current Legal Issues 2002: Law and Geography. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 35-64.
  • Wightman, J. (2003). Beyond Custom: Contract, Contexts, and the Recognition of Implicit Understandings. in: Campbell, D., Collins, H. and Wightman, J. eds. Implicit Dimensions of Contract. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp. 143-186.
  • McGillivray, D. and Wightman, J. (1997). 'Private Rights, Public Interests and the Environment. in: Hayward, T. and O'Neill, J. eds. Justice, Property and the Environment: Social and Legal Perspectives. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 144-160.


  • Wightman, J. (1997). Exploring the boundaries of contract - Halson,R. Journal of Law and Society [Online] 24:450-458. Available at: .
  • Wightman, J. (1997). Contract and economic organisation - Campbell,D, Jones,PV. Journal of Law and Society [Online] 24:450-458. Available at:
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