Where can I find EG minutes?

The Executive Group, or EG, is the Vice-Chancellor and President's executive committee responsible for the day-to-day running of the University. The Executive Group meets weekly on Tuesday, with membership widened approximately once a month to include the Faculty Deans, Dean of the Graduate School, Dean for Internationalisation and Director of Human Resources. These meetings are known as EG+.

EG minutes can be found on the Governance pages of the University of Kent website. Minutes of EG and EG+ meetings this academic year are available to all University of Kent staff.

What is Policy Weekly?

Each week the Office of the Vice-Chancellor produces a higher education policy briefing, Policy Weekly. This is circulated to Senior Leadership Forum, Heads of Faculty Administration and School Administration Managers and is avaliable to university staff members who wish to access it. The briefing includes key policy and political decisions that affect the University of Kent and the sector. It also provides information on reports and consultations which may be pertinent to our staff.

A catalogue of Policy Weekly documents can be found here.

For more information about Policy Weekly, please contact Megan Wells (m.m.wells@kent.ac.uk).


Which email accounts are owned by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor?

These are the only email addresses owned and controlled by the OVC.

Eg-grp@kent.ac.uk and eg-plus@kent.ac.uk are closed accounts for EG use only.

Ac-hods@kent.ac.uk covers Deans and Heads of School.  Psd-hods@kent.ac.uk covers Heads of Professional Service Departments.  The membership of these email accounts mirrors that of senior-leadership.  Any member of University of Kent staff can send to these accounts.

senior-leadership@kent.ac.uk is a closed account which covers EG, Deans, Heads of Schools and Heads of Professional Service Departments and their PAs.  This email is only used for official communications and if you are a member of Senior Leadership Forum and wish to send to the group, please send your email to d.powell@kent.ac.uk for approval and forwarding.


Are there any funds I can access?

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor has a modest budget to support the Executive Group. It is not avaliable for university activity that would be the responsibility of a School or Department.

The OVC does however have a dedicated fund to support Schools and Departments with events with an external focus. More information about the Discretionary Fund and Distinguished Visitor Lectures can be found here.

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