Where can I find EG minutes?

The Executive Group, or EG, is the Vice-Chancellor and President's executive committee responsible for the day-to-day running of the University. The Executive Group meets weekly on Tuesday, with membership widened approximately once a month to include the Faculty Deans, Dean of the Graduate School, Dean for Internationalisation and Director of Human Resources. These meetings are known as EG+.

EG minutes can be found on the Governance pages of the University of Kent website. Minutes of EG and EG+ meetings this academic year are available to all University of Kent staff.


Which email accounts are owned by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor?

These are the only email addresses owned and controlled by the OVC.

Eg-grp@kent.ac.uk and eg-plus@kent.ac.uk are closed accounts for EG use only.

Ac-hods@kent.ac.uk covers Deans and Heads of School.  Psd-hods@kent.ac.uk covers Heads of Professional Service Departments.  The membership of these email accounts mirrors that of senior-leadership.  Any member of University of Kent staff can send to these accounts.

senior-leadership@kent.ac.uk is a closed account which covers EG, Deans, Heads of Schools and Heads of Professional Service Departments and their PAs.  This email is only used for official communications and if you are a member of Senior Leadership Forum and wish to send to the group, please send your email to d.powell@kent.ac.uk for approval and forwarding.


Are there any funds I can access?

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor has a modest budget to support the Executive Group. It is not avaliable for university activity that would be the responsibility of a School or Department.

The OVC does however have a dedicated fund to support Schools and Departments with events with an external focus.

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