Office for Scholarly Communication

What is the Office for Scholarly Communication?

The Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC) showcases all the research support provided across Kent to deliver a researcher focussed service that offers support and advice across the research lifecycle.

Building on the existing expertise at Kent, we provide support for researchers in maximising the dissemination, in the widest sense, of their work.

We work with the Research Support Team to continue to improve the current provision for Open Access and Research Data Management. We also provide information, guidance and support for dissemination through:

  • academic and non-academic outlets
  • social media
  • alternative publishing platforms
  • specialist outputs
  • and other related activities.

Our aim is to help you communicate your research to your desired audience in the most effective way, including discovering new dissemination routes, embedding communication from research idea to publication and ensuring that all researchers are aware of, and supported in, the most appropriate routes for dissemination, for their individual requirements. We connect researchers with specialist, non traditional outputs across traditional schools and faculty boundaries.

We support innovative dissemination of research, identify issues and find solutions for sharing the research outputs of the University more effectively, to both academic and non-academic audiences globally.

Looking to the future

As the amount of freely available research increases, we will contribute to wider discussions in the field of scholarly communications, especially focussing on making Kent research outputs discoverable. Freely available research also presents challenges for researchers to find material in their research field, and we will provide the resources, tools and training to help you take best advantage of these new resources.

We work with external partners, both nationally and internationally to establish a network of professionals working in the scholarly communications arena.

We aim to maintain an outward focus, to keep abreast of innovations in scholarly communication and to implement them, if appropriate, through the most suitable route for Kent, building an international reputation for Kent in Scholarly Communication.


The Office for Scholarly Communication builds on the substantial work already in place to support research and research communication at the University of Kent.

Thanks to the evolution of these services, and the work done in advocacy, Kent has substantial support for scholarly communication, particularly the Kent Academic Repository and Open Access, measuring the sharing and impact of research through bibliometrics and altmetric tools, and the launch of the Kent Data Repository.

The OSC is the next step in this evolution of the research support at Kent.


Office for Scholarly Communication, University of Kent

The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 (0)1227 764000

Last Updated: 27/09/2017