New Kent research networks to be established in Japan

The University is to be involved in new research networks in Japan following the award of a £45,000 grant to Professor Emilie Cloatre of Kent Law School.

The grant, from the ESRC-AHRC UK-Japan SSH Connections fund, will see Professor Cloatre develop a new collaborative project entitled Biomedicine and Beyond: The Social and Regulatory Dimensions of Therapeutics in Japan and the UK.

The project involves significant collaboration between universities in the UK and Japan. Both countries are at the leading edge of therapeutic research in biomedicine, both in terms of science and innovation and also in demands for more regulatory framework impact.

One of the project’s key objectives will be to organise three workshops in Japan and the UK, all of which will foster debate and dialogue between humanities and social science scholars and biomedical and policy practitioners.

Professor Cloatre will lead a workshop on traditional medicine in collaboration with Dr Kaori Muto of the University of Tokyo.

The project is being led by Dr Martyn Pickersgill of the University of Edinburgh and comprises a team of five co-investigators: Professor Cloatre; Dr Muto; Dr Sarah Chan, University of Edinburgh; Professor Junko Kitanaka, Keio University; and Dr Misao Fujita, Kyoto University.