A man on an exercise bike wearing a plastic mask while being monitored on camera

Free expert sports science course for everyone

Anyone with an interest in endurance training and fitness will be able to access expert sports science advice on the techniques used by top elite athletes as part of a new free online course offered by the University.

The University’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences on the Medway campus at Chatham Maritime houses one of the largest endurance research groups (ERG) in the world.

Entitled The Science of Endurance Training and Performance, this free massive open online course (MOOC) is research-based and the content will be useful to anyone across the entire fitness spectrum, from beginners to elite athletes, as well as coaches, trainers and sport scientists.

The course covers the science underpinning psychology, nutrition, training, pain and fatigue, injury and rehabilitation, and respiratory health issues in athletes.

Researchers who are world leaders in their field have contributed to the course. These include:

  • Dr John Dickinson, who will focus on respiratory issues in athletes. Dr Dickinson, a renowned expert on asthma in elite athletes, has worked with Team GB swimmers and boxers, amongst others
  • Lucy Hale, lead educator, who will cover performance nutrition for endurance athletes. Dr Glen Davison (coordinator of ERG) will examine the relationship between nutrition, immunity and illness in endurance athletes
  • Dr Carla Meijen, who will deliver a week long programme dedicated to sport psychology
  • Dr James Hopker who will provide advice on aspects of endurance training and performance

The Science of Endurance Training and Performance starts mid-January 2018 and lasts for six weeks. Each week covers one of six topics and is divided into bite-sized learning steps which include presentations, videos, quizzes and articles. Interaction and discussion between learners and educators is supported by an online community throughout. Many have already signed up, but the numbers are limitless as the course is online and free to access.