Additional Covid-19 testing facilities on campus (open to all)

Gary Hughes

Two additional mobile testing units have been placed at the University’s Canterbury campus to support Public Health England’s enhanced testing programme for new Covid-19 variants in Canterbury. As part of this programme, everyone living, working or studying in either the CT1 or CT2 7 postcodes has been requested to take a test.

The new units are located in Keynes College and Darwin Car Parks between 1 – 15 June, with other units located around the city. They are open to all seven days a week from 9am – 7pm for walk-in appointments. Further information is available on the Kent County Council website.

We have contacted all of our students and staff to remind them that they should continue to play their part in helping reduce the spread of new Covid-19 variants by getting an enhanced test as soon as possible. This includes those who have been regularly completing asymptomatic tests in recent weeks, even if they have tested negative.

While we have not been asked to make any changes to current activity on campus, the recent developments show how vital it is that we all continue to keep each other safe in the weeks ahead by adhering to the latest government guidelines and the NHS guide on how to avoid spreading the infection. We have also carried out additional health and safety checks on campus to ensure key areas such as the Templeman Library are as safe as possible.

We have also reminded students and staff that they should continue to get tested twice a week and report all positive results even after the enhanced testing has finished. This can be done either at our on-campus asymptomatic test centres or by using one of our home-test kits.