Launch of ‘Think Kent Discovers’ research film series

The inspiring series reveals the essential and positive impact of Kent's research on communities around the world.

Kent’s Research Services have collaborated with KMTV to create a series of nine short films telling the tales of separate research projects from the University. The first film will be broadcast on 19 May at 7pm via the University’s Research Impact YouTube channel and Facebook page.

These nine films reveal the vital impact of Kent’s research throughout the UK and across the world, with projects from many of Kent’s schools and disciplines represented. Their findings and crucial results have benefitted many people and communities whilst helping to advance knowledge and understanding across a host of disciplines.

The first film focuses on Kent School of Architecture and Planning’s ‘Preserving the Palace of Westminster’. Here, the School’s Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt demonstrates his pioneering research into the Palace of Westminster’s 19th century environmental ventilation system while asking: can one of the world’s most iconic buildings become carbon neutral?

The series will continue for the next nine weeks, with a new research film each week.

Think Kent Discovers: Preserving the Palace of Westminster’, can be viewed here on 19 May at 7pm.