The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing exhibition to open at University

A student-organised exhibition at the University focusing on the female nude will offer an opportunity to view art works from a diverse range of artists including Picasso, Honoré Daumier and the Guerrilla Girls.

The exhibition, entitled The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing, is open to all and will run from the 10-26 May at the University’s Studio 3 Gallery in the Jarman Building on the Canterbury campus. It is open weekdays from 10.00-17.00.

The exhibition will focus on the representation of the female nude throughout art history, rethinking how the nude reinforces gender stereotypes, as well as raising questions around contemporary debates, such as feminism, body image and identity.

Other confirmed art works on display include those from Ellen von Wiegand, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jim Dine, John Piper, Julian Opie and Marilene Oliver. It will be the eighth exhibition organised by students to run as part of the School of Art’s Print Collecting and Curating student module.

Carola D’Ambrosio, curator of The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing, said: ‘The exhibition will stand as a visual statement of the progression taking place within the world of art but also as reflective of wider cultural attitudes.

‘Movements such as the #MeToo and Times Up have spread widely in the last year, and there is a constant attention reserved for the narrative of the female body which is not yet fully explored in the medium of print. In highlighting these outlooks, we aim to rethink the female nude and encourage viewers to experience the subject from a range of different perspectives.’