BSIS students launch Beyond Brussels podcast

Students at the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) have launched a podcast that will feature interviews with individuals from the world of politics, business, economics, media and more.

The podcast, called Beyond Brussels, will also provide insights on initiatives and research taking place across the University and events likely to be of interest to listeners.

The first two episodes have already been recorded and made available and feature interviews with Washington D.C.-based journalist Daniel Dale, who was blocked on Twitter by US President Donald Trump and International Crisis Group’s Middle East and North African program director Dr Joost Hiltermann.

MK Sharren Haskel, the youngest member of the Israeli Knesset’s ruling Likud party, and John Judis, author of the critically acclaimed book The Populist Explosion are also featured.

To take advantage of the flexibility of the podcast format Beyond Brussels will be released in two styles. One version will be a condensed 15-minute version of that episode with clips from the interviews recorded to provide listeners with an overview of the content available. Then unabridged versions of each interview or discussion will also be released, so listeners can listen to the entire discussion that took place.

Beyond Brussels is run by a group of BSIS students, led by Executive Editor and Host Allie Elwell and Senior Editor and Host Marissa Diaz, and will available as a free download on iTunes Podcast, Spotify, Stringer and numerous other podcast delivery services.

The four other students involved in the podcast are: Marcel Gerard Thierry, Nadira Nasibli, Katrina Coles, Niki Papadogiannakis and Lois McLatchie.