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Kent among top 100 universities in international table

Kent has been ranked 85th in the 2017 International Student Table published by Times Higher Education on 26 April.

The table shows that 28.9% of the University’s student body is classified as international.

Kent’s ranking reflects its mission to extend its global reach by adding to its broad range of existing links with institutions from around the world.

Although Kent characterises itself as the UK’s European university, its international mission uses the distinctive European dimensions as a gateway to a much broader worldwide reach.

Whether it’s embedding internationalisation into each new module, or reaching out to create new partnerships with institutions in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas, Kent has global engagement at the top of its agenda. Its approach to global engagement is comprehensive and includes an equal focus on international and home students as well as the key pillars of the University’s institutional plan which emphasises the importance of Education, Research and Engagement.

Europe is still home to the majority of Kent’s partner institutions, with 169. However, the Asia Pacific region now also accounts for 53 partners, while North America with 33 and South America with nine are increasingly important.

Dr Anthony Manning, Dean for Internationalisation, and Professor Roger Vickerman, Dean for Europe, both regularly visit potential new partners, with recent and forthcoming destinations including Columbia, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, Bahrain and Nigeria.

These visits have resulted in a number of new partnership agreements and other commitments to work with institutions on research and academic exchange programmes.

Key partners include the Universiteit Gent, Belgium; Universidade do Porto, Portugal; Freie Universität Berlin, Germany; Hong Kong Baptist University; Kobe University, Japan; Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan; University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The University also has European study centres in Brussels, Paris, Rome and Athens, as well as degree articulations in the wider international world including in Malaysia and China.

Each of the University’s academic schools aims to embed global engagement across all areas of activity. All new modules include an internationalisation clause, highlighting their relevance to international audiences as well as to the UK. There is also an active programme of curriculum internationalisation at Kent and initiatives such as the Global Student Ambassador and Kent Global Passport schemes are aimed at providing students with an international perspective and increasing engagement. Kent International Pathways and the Centre for English and World Languages also provide access routes for University study to international students from across the world and language learning opportunities for all students.

International recruitment is an activity which impacts across the whole University and it is recognised that it is imperative to work collectively in partnership with students, colleagues, representatives, stakeholders, the sector and with government and their agencies to continue to attract the brightest and best students to Kent. These features have been a key strategic aspect of the success in international recruitment at Kent to date.

Among priority countries are USA, China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia Thailand and Turkey. Established markets include Bahrain, Mauritius, Kenya, Brunei and Pakistan. Emerging markets include Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Iran.

Kent’s commitment to keep connected with its students when they become alumni is also evidenced by the engagement activity which takes place alongside its international visits. Kent now has more than 150,000 alumni and whenever possible it seeks to continue to network with its communities overseas through alumni groups and reception evenings when staff visit overseas locations.

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