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Practice Rooms

Colyer-Fergusson Building

The Colyer-Fergusson Building has a suite of music practice rooms available to all University of Kent students and staff for individual and group music practice and rehearsal. Four Practice Rooms with pianos, suitable for acoustic rehearsals/practice, and one Band Room with drum kit, suitable for ampifies rehearsals/practice.

Access is by permit only, and these can be obtained from the Music Administrator in the Colyer-Fergusson building during office hours, at a cost of £20 (in cash) for the academic year. Please ensure that you bring your KentOne card. Please be advised that swipe access takes up to 3 working days to activate on your KentOne card.

It is advisable to book practice rooms as demand is high. To make a booking email Sophie Meikle - please reference timetables before making booking request, and bookings must be made at least a week in advance. And please note you can only book three hours a week, and only 3 weeks at a time.

The rooms are available from 9am to 10pm everyday, unless booked (please reference timetables below).

Please Note: The Music Department reserves the right to override a room booking.

Availability can be viewed below.


No amplified music allowed

maximum capacity 6 people


No amplified music allowed

maximum capacity 6 people

G-18 Band Room

maximum capacity 8 people


No amplified music allowed

maximum capacity 25 people


No amplified music allowed

maximum capacity 40 people