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New Building


Thanks to a generous donation from Sir James Colyer-Fergusson and The Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust, the exciting new centre for Music Performance on the Canterbury campus opened in December 2012. The Colyer-Fergusson Music Building is adjacent to the Gulbenkian Theatre and Cinema, creating an Arts complex, and houses the wide range of music-making at the University.

''The feeling on stage is close to perfect, with that beautiful warm wood all around and the dimensions are just right: spacious but still intimate.The acoustics are just fantastic:  one can hear a pin drop and comfortably explore the extremes of dynamics.'' The Brodsky Quartet


The University of Kent is very grateful to the following individuals and organisations whose generous support enabled the Colyer-Fergusson Building to be built

Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust

Sir James Colyer-Fergusson
Higher Education Funding Council for England


Dr Jean N Baker

Miles Banbery

Dr James & Jenny Bird
Dr Orlando Bloom
Sonia Copeland Bloom & Samantha Bloom
Pamela Cross
David & Maureen de Saxe
Alan & Diana Forrest
Dame Julia & Professor Peter Goodfellow
Jill Henton

Sue Hopkinson
Christopher A Keljik
Professor Keith & Janet Mander

Dr Valerie Marshall
Kathryn Marten Dixon
Matthew Hodder Charitable Trust
Professor Sir David Melville

Dr Joanna Motion
Sally Muggeridge
Dr Louise Naylor
Sir Graeme & Lady Odgers
Ian and Juliet Odgers
Richard & Amicia Oldfield

Professor Richard Scase
Sir Charles Jessel Charitable Trust
The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust
Professor Clare Ungerson

HH Judge Nigel & Loba Van der Bijl
Susan Wanless
Professor Sir Robert & Lady Worcester
Members of the Former Staff Association


David E Allett
Professor Graham & Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anwell
N Araki Jervis
Professor Stephen Bann
Diana M Barnes
Adam Beaman
Alexandra Bennell
Jill & Jeremy Bland
Marieke Bloemink
Monica Bolley
Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz
Cathy Boyes & Brían Taylor
Dr Stella Bradbury
Lyn Brown
Michael & Jennie Bukht
Professor Alan & Jenny Bull

Marie-Louise Burgess in memory of Hilda Rook
Gillian Burton
John & Gillian Butler
Sarah Buttler
Elizabeth A Cable
Sian E Calnan
Jane G Canning
Naomi Capell
Sally F Carr
Sarah Carter
Faith Chantler
Hazel E Chinnery
Sir Geoffrey & Lady Chipperfield
Jon & Beryl Chipperton
Professor Roy & Monty Chisholm
Alison J Coles
Professor Alan K Common
Fraser Cooper
Antony Copley
Claire Cowie
Peter Cox
Michael Coxall
Revd Derek & Christiane Crabtree
Cecile Critchell
Carrie Cushing
Caroline Dacey

Lorna Davey
Florian D Delessert
Dr Mark Deller
Dr Keith & Judith Dimond
Dame Anne Evans
Professor Paddy Farrell
Ian S Ferguson
Dr David Flood
Friends of St Vincent's Church
Dr Sarah Fulford
Furley Page Solicitors


Steven Gant
John & Marina Garner
Alistair Gray
Stephanie Green
Joanna Griffiths in memory of Roland Hurst
Professor A John R Groom
Bethany Halliday
Simon Harris
Heather Harrow
Dr Judith A Hattaway
Cynthia Hawes
Angela Hirst
Dr Michael Hughes
David Humphreys
Jane & Mubariz Hussain

Dorothy Hutchinson
Stuart Hutchinson
Geraldine Ingram
Professor Lyn Innes
Professor Dick Jones
Annie Judge
Charlotte Kelly

Dr Emma Kemp
Sue Kerr
The Lord & Lady Kingsdown
James Kirkham

Dr Keith Lampard
Helly Langley
Katharine Lewis
Ginny Lingwood
Dr Dan Lloyd

Dr Andrew Macnair
Dr Duncan & Margaret Macnair
Professor Molly M Mahood
Patricia Marsh-Stefanovska
John Martin & Sigrid Martin-Wünscher
Donations made in memory of John Martin
Seb & Liz Maynard
Dr Timothy Mead
Rosemary Miller
Jane & David Millyard
James Mitchard

Dominic & Sylvia del Nevo
Tim Offord
Professor David Ormrod
Dr Jeremy Ovenden
Professor Jan Pahl

Alan Paynes

Lucy Payne
Jo Pearsall
David & Alicia Pentin
Helen Perkins
Charmaine E Perrin
Hannah C Perrin
Floriane Peycelon

Tony Quigley
Rosemary Rathbone
Matthew & Catherine Robbins
Sarah Roberts
Dr Doreen M Rosman
Adam G Samways
The Sarah D'Avigdor-Goldsmid Charitable Trust
Professor Richard Scase
Martin P Scofield
David M Scott
Professor Colin & Judy Seymour-Ure
Shepherd Neame Ltd
Dr Charlotte L Sleigh
Malcolm Stokes
Professor John & Annette Strange
Ian & Alison Swatman
Susannah Thackray
Professor Glyn M Tonge
Edwina H Tyler
Jenny Uglow
Professor Roger & Christine Vickerman
Paula VickersProfessor Maurice Vile & Nancy Gaffield
Rachel Waltham
Professor Sarah Wanless
Dr Virginia Webb & Family
Fred Whitemore
Clare Winstanley
Barry F Wright
Bethany Young

and other anonymous donations

and other anonymous donations