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 Katie Toussaint-Jackson


Katie Toussaint-Jackson has loved medieval history from a young age and was part of what originally drew her to Kent. She completed her BA in History at the University of Kent, Canterbury in 2015. After which she undertook an MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, also at Kent, completing a dissertation on the wall painting of St Paul and the Viper at Canterbury Cathedral for which she earned a Distinction. She began her PhD research in 2016, looking at the medieval cult of St Faith in England and the art associated with it.

Research interests

Katie’s primary research interest is medieval visual culture, with a particular focus on the depictions of saints. She is also interested in saints’ cults in a broader sense, including hagiography, pilgrimage, relics, reliquaries, architecture, and how these interact with each other. She is particularly fond of the unusual and out of the ordinary in art.

PhD Research Title

Questions of Faith: The Art of Saint Faith in Medieval England

Professional Experience/Conference Papers

Review: A Maid with a Dragon: The Cult of St Margaret of Antioch in Medieval England by Juliana Dresvina (Oxford University Press, 2016), Journal of the British Archaeological Association, vol. 171 (2018) (Book Review)

The Wall Paintings of Horsham St Faith and their Medieval Modifications – MEMS Festival 2019 (Conference Paper)

Saint Faith in England: The Case of the Priory of Horsham St Faith, Norfolk – Leeds International Medieval Conference 2018 (Conference Paper)

Canterbury Journey Volunteer Research Assistant (2017/18)

MEMS Summer Festival Organisational Committee (2017)


  • Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship
  • Conference scholar at the British Archaeological Association’s Conference on “Cambridge: College, Church and City” in 2018

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HI789 - The Art of Death: Representations, Rituals & Records in Medieval Europe


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