Celia completed her BA (Hons.) in English Literature at the University of Kent in 2013 and an MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) at the Centre for MEMS in 2014. These cemented her interest in medieval religious literature in general, and salvation theologies in particular.

Research interests

Celia’s doctoral research examines how the concept of spiritual despair permeates a range of texts from the 11th and 12th century monastic vita contemplativa tradition to 13th century pastoral manuals and 14th century mystical texts often aimed at the spiritually aspiring laity. She is interested in the shifts in how despair is deployed according to writer, translator, time, and audience, as well as how both intended and unintended audiences might have responded to these texts.

PhD Research Title

Medieval Spiritual Despair: The Transition of English Perspectives on Salvation 

Professional Experience/Conference Papers

As part of her CHASE studentship, and in a subsequent short term contract, Celia led the interpretation-focused archive research project on the history of the bishops of London for the new HLF-funded museum at Fulham Palace.

Celia has presented ‘Rejecting God’s Mercy: Guides to Despair of Salvation’ at the Pastoralia in the Late Middle Ages, Teaching Translation, Transmission conference, at the University of Kent in 2016; Fish or Fire? Exploring a Medieval Metaphor for Mercy’ at Othello’s Island, Conference of Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, Cyprus in 2017; and ‘Saving Memories? Salvation and Remembrance’ at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds in 2018.


Celia was awarded the Ian Gregor MA Scholarship in 2013 and a Consortium for Humanities and Arts in the South East (CHASE) Studentship Grant in 2015.


Dr Sarah James and Dr Ryan Perry

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