Portrait of Dr Eduard Campillo-Funollet

Dr Eduard Campillo-Funollet

Lecturer in Statistics


Dr Campillo-Funollet is Lecturer in Statistics at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. His research focuses on combining statistics and applied mathematics methods in data analysis. He develops and implements models for genome replication as well as new data analysis pipelines for genomic assays, and more recently he started working on ecology modelling. He is also involved in other initiatives, for instance COVID-19 modelling and forecasting projects and the MASAMU and UK-APASI programmes in Africa.
Dr Campillo-Funollet studied Mathematics at the University of Barcelona, and obtained his PhD at the University of Sussex on Bayesian methods for inverse problems in for quantitative biology.

Research interests

My research aims to combine the power of mathematical modelling with rigorous statistics and data analysis. I am particularly interested in using techniques from molecular biology to inform models in ecology, as well as deriving rigorous models for problems in genomics and fitting them to experimental data.


Optimisation with Financial Applications - MAST5011
Computational Statistics - MAST7710


Available projects in molecular biology, ecology and epidemiolgy. Please email me if you have any queries.


Chair of the IMA Early Career Mathematicians Committee

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