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Framework Masterplan - Step 2


We have now developed a final draft of our Framework Masterplan, which details the framework within which we will make decisions about the future evolution of our campus in the short-term (2018 to 2021) and medium-term (2021 to 2031). It covers the period defined in the Canterbury District Local Plan.

Step 2 in the process built on the feedback received during the Step 1 consultation and Concept Masterplan consultation. We shared information about the emerging shape of the Framework Masterplan with stakeholders, giving them an opportunity to discuss our vision for the campus. Consultation then took place between September and November 2018, with residents groups, amemity groups, neighbouring schools and local councillors attending events and offering comments online. The findings from this can be found in Framework Masterplan Step 2: Consultation Statement.

The Masterplan document is not a planning application but a vision for the evolution of the campus. It provides a framework against which future planning applications will be assessed. When and if aspects of the plan are funded they will go through the usual planning process and members of the public will be involved in the usual way.

Framework Masterplan

A central part of the Step 2 process was a presentation outlining the developing shape of the Framework Masterplan. More than 140 representatives from 40 external stakeholder groups were invited to an event where plans were presented by master planer John Letherland and members of the University's Estates team. Alongside this, public exhibitions were held in four key locations, providing information on the plans for wider contacts, while more than 12,000 households received leaflets by post with details of the constulation prcess. Key information was also available on the University's website, supported by a full-page advert in the Kentish Gazette.

The presentation and consultation content is available below, along with the Framework Masterplan Step 2: Consultation Statement.



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