Master plan consultation

Framework Masterplan - Step 1


The University is currently preparing a Framework Masterplan for the campus in line with Policy EMP7 in the Canterbury District Local Plan and proposals for adjoining University-owned land. The first step (Step 1) in this process is to prepare an overall strategic spatial vision of what sort of place the Canterbury campus should be and the strategies for delivering it.

The University of Kent undertook extensive consultation on its Concept Masterplan between April and September 2016 and published the Concept Masterplan Consultation Statement on that round of consultation on its website in April 2017. This stage of process has taken into account that feedback.

Strategic Spatial Vision

As a core part of Step 1 of the process, the University prepared a Strategic Spatial Vision Discussion Document to enable a range of stakeholders to discuss and shape an overall spatial vision for the campus and the emerging strategies for delivering it. This drew on a number of ‘building blocks’, including consultation feedback on the Concept Masterplan (as catalogued in the Concept Masterplan Consultation Statement, April 2017).

The Strategic Spatial Vision Discussion Document was sent to 36 external stakeholder organisations who were invited to take part in a Strategic Spatial Vision Workshop at the Canterbury campus on 19 July 2017. In addition to that, a Staff Focus Group was held on 8 September 2017. Reports from both those workshops are available.

Comments from invited organisations were accepted until 18 August and the Consultation Statement for Step 1 is now complete.

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