Master plan consultation

Step 1 - Consultation Statement

In July 2017 as part of Step 1 of developing the Concept Masterplan in to a more detailed Framework Masterplan, the University published a Strategic Spatial Vision Discussion Document.

This statement provides an account of the consultation undertaken with a range of stakeholders in relation to the Discussion Document, including who was involved, how they were involved, what comments have been made and the University’s response to them. It also identifies lessons for future engagement and consultation and draws some overall conclusions and maps out the way forward.

The University and its consultants have carefully considered all the comments that have been made. These comments have informed a revised Strategic Spatial Vision, set out in this statement, and are informing the emerging spatial strategies for delivering this vision. Together with comments made in response to the Concept Masterplan, they are also informing the next step of the process (Step Two) – the identification of options for different parts of the Masterplan area, which will be subject to further consultation in 2018.

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Last Updated: 03/12/2019