Master plan consultation

Draft Framework Masterplan


The final draft of our Framework Masterplan is now complete, setting out a vision for the future evolution of campus. The document is designed to give a clearer understanding of the context in which our presence may change in the coming years, covering both the short (2018 to 2021) and medium term (2021 to 2031). It is not a planning application, but sets out the framework in which future planning applications will be assessed. When and if aspects of the plan are funded, they will go through the usual planning process and members of the public will be included in the usual way.

How the Framework Masterplan was put together

Producing the Masterplan has been an extensive and collaborative process. We have consulted widely and taken expert advice from key bodies including Kent County Council, Canterbury City Council and Highways Kent, along with the University’s own students and staff. We have also worked closely with local stakeholders throughout as plans have taken shape, seeking feedback from residents’ associations, community groups, businesses and the wider public. Thank you to all of those who fed in through this process and helped to shape its development.

Submitting your feedback

There will now be a six-week period for further feedback before the final Framework Masterplan is published in June 2019.

Feedback can be supplied via or our contacts form. You can also contact Corporate Communications directly on 01227 824000.

All feedback must be received by Monday 3 June 2019 to be considered before final publication.

Physical copies

Printed copies of the Draft will be available on request or at the following locations:

  • Templeman Library, University of Kent
  • The Beaney, Canterbury
  • Blean Village Hall
  • The Tyler's Kiln, Tyler Hill

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Last Updated: 03/12/2019