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The University of Kent Libraries may not hold all the material you need, especially if you are engaged in a research project. Once you have identified where material is held you may decide to visit another institution or to request material, using the various access or delivery schemes available.

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Other library catalogues

If you need to look for items in libraries beyond the University of Kent libraries, you could try these catalogues.


British Library

Visiting other libraries

The Templeman Library has joined several schemes that provide you with access to a number of other libraries, including those of many other higher education institutions.

Some of those schemes provide you with reference access, while others allow borrowing material.

Requesting material from other libraries

If you need an item that is not held at your campus library you may be able to request it. Which service is appropriate depends on the item's location, your academic status, and whether the item is needed for teaching:


Kent campuses

Inter-site loan service

Items can be transferred between the Templeman, Drill Hall and Tonbridge libraries - you can place requests online via the Library catalogue.


Flying book

Document delivery service

If you need an item that is not available at one of the University of Kent libraries, we will try to borrow it for you from elsewhere.



CLA scanning service

For academic staff: make reading list material available to students in electronic format via Moodle.

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Last Updated: 18/02/2015