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If you need an item that is not available at one of the University of Kent libraries, we will try to borrow it for you from elsewhere.

From 8 April 2013, document delivery loan items:

  • will be issued for four weeks from day of collection
  • must be collected within 7 days of notification
  • can be renewed online once (for free) via your Library account
  • will have lower overdue fines of 30p per day
  • will be included in the automatic email reminders
  • can be recalled from you early, if requested by the originating library.

Who can use the service?

  • University of Kent students and staff based at Canterbury and Tonbridge
  • Registered external and alumni borrowers of the Templeman Library (extra charges apply, see below)

Medway staff and students should use the Drill Hall Library's Inter-library loans service.

How much will it cost?

The service is free to:

  • all staff and postgraduates requesting material for teaching, research and study
  • undergraduates if the material is relevant to their course and recommended by course convenors/tutors; except:
    • School of Psychology - no undergraduates
    • Kent Law School - only final year undergraduates


External and alumni borrowers

If you are registered as an external or alumni borrower with a borrower card you will be charged for each item at the following rates:

  • Article/book chapter: £12.00
  • Loan: £16.50
  • Material sourced from outside the UK may cost more

Before making a request

First, check the Library catalogue or journals database to ensure the item is not already held at the Templeman Library.

If the item is held in a Library store, at the Drill Hall Library, or Tonbridge Centre Library, use the relevant form (store request, remote store request, or inter-site loan request form) to request the item.

How do I make a request?

To make a document delivery request, visit the Library catalogue, click Document Delivery, and follow on-screen instructions. You need to log in with your Kent IT account details. Choose:

  • Document delivery book to request books, reports or theses (for UK theses information see below)
  • Document delivery article/book chapter to request journal articles or book chapters


UK theses

Many UK theses are now available to download or order free of charge on the British Library EThOS site (to download or order you must first register).

If the thesis you need is not available on EThOS or shows a £49.72 charge, please apply to Document Delivery in the normal way. Your school or department may fund access to the thesis.

What happens when my item arrives?

You will be emailed when your material arrives and must collect it within seven days from the Loan Desk (Level 1 West).

Items can only be collected by the person who requested them. For photocopies a copyright declaration must be signed to comply with UK Copyright Law (see below).


Confined items

Some books and theses are lent to us on the condition that they are consulted within the Library. Confined items should not be used in the cafe, retained in carrels or left unattended at any time.

You will have to sign for a confined item each day and return it to the Loan Desk before it closes, see Templeman Library opening hours.

How do I renew or return items?

You can renew most document delivery items once (for free) via your Library account.

Please return document delivery items to the Templeman Library Loan Desk during staffed hours. Check your Library account for due dates.

Please note that document delivery items can be recalled from you, if requested by the originating library. In that case, you may have even have to return an item earlier than originally specified.

What happens if I lose or damage an item?

Charges for lost, damaged or unreturned items:

  • loans from the British Library: at least £133.50
  • loans from other libraries: at least £50.00

What do I need to know about copyright?

Due to copyright legislation, we can only apply for photocopies without payment of a copyright fee if the end user signs a declaration that the copy is for private study or research that is for a non-commercial purpose.

If you are unable to sign the copyright declaration because the article you request will lead to commercial gain (eg book publication or development of a saleable product or service), the cost will consist of the standard photocopy charge (at present £8 per article) plus the appropriate copyright fee. Please email for an estimate of the cost.

Further information on copyright legislation (via the British Library website)


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