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If you need an item that isn't available at one of the University of Kent libraries, we'll try to get it for you from elsewhere.

Who can use the service

Kent students and staff based at Canterbury and Tonbridge

The service is free to:

  • all staff and postgraduates requesting material for teaching, research and study
  • undergraduates if the material is relevant to their course and recommended by course convenors/tutors; except:
    • History, English, American Studies, Psychology - no funding for undergraduates
    • Kent Law School - no funding for undergraduates except second and third year students undertaking dissertations

Medway staff and students should use the Drill Hall Library's inter-library loans service.

Templeman Library borrower members (visitors or alumni)

If you have registered for Templeman Library borrower membership, you can use the service. You'll be charged:

  • per article/book chapter: £12.00
  • per book: £16.50
  • material sourced from outside the UK may cost more


Making a request

Go to LibrarySearch, click Document Delivery, and follow on-screen instructions.


Many UK theses are now available to download or order for free on the British Library EThOS site (to download or order you have to register).


If the thesis you need is not available on EThOS or shows a £54.48 charge, make a document delivery request - your school or department may agree to fund it.

Global theses: you can access many theses from around the world via Proquest Dissertations & Theses Global.

How long will it take?

Allow at least 2-3 weeks for your item to arrive. We aim to supply material quickly but can't guarantee specific dates, as we depend on other libraries to supply it.

If you need an update on your request, email


Once your item has arrived

Articles and book chapters

Digital delivery (NEW!)

Articles and chapters available from the British Library will be supplied in digital format (unless you request a printed copy). Once the document is available, you'll receive an email with the link to the document. To access it you need to:

  • be online; if your default browser is Google Chrome, you either need to disable the Chrome PDF viewer plugin, or use Internet Explorer or Firefox on this occasion
  • register for BLDSS (British Library Document Supply Service); we recommend you register before you receive your document (you only have to do this once)
  • log into the document with your BLDSS username and password; don't tick "Remember me on this computer" if you're using a shared computer
  • use Adobe Reader 10 (or above) to open the pdf (available on student PCs and Staff Managed Desktops)
  • download and save the document within 30 days of the original email or it will expire; click File, then Save As and save to a networked folder, memory stick, or your own PC or laptop

There are some restrictions to your use of the document, due to copyright legislation:

  • you can only print one copy and may not make further copies
  • you may not make further electronic copies, convert the file to any other format, or copy and paste from it
  • once downloaded/saved, the document will "self-destruct" after 3 years


If the article or chapter you've requested isn't available in digital format, or you have requested a printed version, it will be supplied as a photocopy.

We'll email you when your item is here. Please collect it from the Loan Desk during staffed hours and bring your KentOne card as ID.


Books, theses, and other loan items

Collecting your item

We'll email you when your item is here. We only keep it for you for seven days - please collect it from the Loan Desk during staffed hours and bring your KentOne card as ID. Only the person who has requested the item can collect it.

Books are issued to you for four weeks from the day of collection. They carry an overdue fine of 30p per day (50p if recalled).


Confined items

Some books and theses are lent to us on the condition that they are only used within the Library. Please don't use such items in the café, keep them in your carrel, or leave them unattended.

You can borrow the item from the Loan Desk each day, but must return it before the desk closes - see the opening hours.

Renewals, returns, and recalls

You can renew most document delivery items once (for free) via your Library account.

Return document delivery items to the Templeman Library Loan Desk during staffed hours. Check your Library account for due dates.

A document delivery item can be recalled from you, if the owner library needs it back. In that case, you may have to return an item sooner than the original return date.

Lost or damaged items

If an item you have borrowed is lost, damaged, or not returned, the lending institution (for example the British Library) will levy a charge, which we are obliged to pass on to you. This may include replacement costs and administration fees.


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