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Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Scanning Service for academic staff

To make reading list material available in electronic format via Moodle, the CLA Scanning Service is provided to academic staff under the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence agreement (pdf).

Who operates the service?

The Digital Resources and Serials Team retrieve and scan items and are responsible for record management. Only authorised staff within this team can undertake CLA scanning.


Please allow up to four to six weeks for your request to be processed. To avoid delays please supply all relevant information at the time of requesting and respond to Library staff if any queries should arise.

How to use the service


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How do I request a scanned document?

You can request an extract directly from your Moodle module:

  1. Go to the module in Moodle.
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. In the relevant section, select Request CLA Book extract from the 'Add a resource' drop-down list.
  4. Complete the resulting form.
  5. You need to submit a separate request for each block of pages, eg pp 9-13 and pp 15-20, even if they are from the same book.

A placeholder will appear in the section; this will be replaced with the scanned extract once it has been uploaded by Library staff. You will receive email confirmation when this has been done.

Please note that your module must be registered on Moodle for the appropriate academic year and you must be named as convenor/lecturer in order to apply for scans and have them uploaded.

Please include the following information in the request:

For a chapter:

  • Title of book, author/editor
  • Publisher and date of publication (the licence requires that we scan from the latest edition held in the library)
  • Author of chapter
  • Title of chapter, chapter number, page numbers

For a journal article:

  • Title of journal, publisher and date of publication
  • Author of article
  • Title of article, volume, part and pages numbers

Please mention any special format requirements (see 'Are alternative formats available?' below).


What can be scanned?

UK/US published material (with some exceptions), held in print form in the Library or paid for via the British Library's copyright clearance service.

The following copyright limits apply:

  • up to 5% or one whole chapter of a book whichever is greater
  • up to 5% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a single issue of a journal
  • up to 5% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a set of conference proceedings
  • up to 5% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages, whichever is the greater
  • up to 5% or one single case, whichever is the greater, from a published report of judicial proceedings

The licence permits a digital copy to be made of a visual image, whether full or part page, but the Copyright Notice and Data Reporting are still required for every single page/image scanned.


What can't be scanned?

Categories of material not covered by the licence include:

  • printed music including the words
  • maps & charts
  • newspapers
  • any work that the copyright owner clearly says can't be copied under the CLA Licence
  • any material held by the university in e-format

See the CLA excluded page for more information.


How can I access material once it has been scanned?

How-to guides for Moodle can be found on Kent's eLearning website.

If you experience any problems contact your UELT Faculty Learning Technologist.


What are the limitations of the service?

Due to CLA licensing restrictions, scanned documents can only be made available to students registered on the module for which the item was requested. To manage access compliance, scanned material will only be made available via Moodle.

Material will not be included in the Library catalogue. The reading list system will indicate which items are available on Moodle.


Are alternative formats available?

We can supply alternative formats under the same licensing conditions (see 'What cannot be scanned?' above) - large print or small print copies are available.


Who pays?

The CLA Scanning Licence incurs an annual fee, which is paid centrally and administered by Information Services. Charges for scanned items supplied by the British Library Copyright Fee Paid service will be deducted from your Departmental Materials Fund.

If an extract constitutes more than 5% or one book chapter or journal article (see 'What can be scanned?' above), additional time is needed to seek copyright permission. Permission is at the discretion of the rights holder and may incur a fee which will be charged back to your Departmental Materials Fund.

Contact us

To enquire about the service or about the progress of your scanning request, contact Digital Resources and Serials (Scanning) staff:

Academic Liaison staff (for additional advice about making requests):

Further information and links: CLA Copyright Licensing Agency



Removal of non-compliant scans

The CLA license has changed, which means some material scanned under the previous licence must be taken down by 28 February 2014.

Module convenors: what you need to know (pdf)

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