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Donations to the Library's collections

Over the years Information Services has benefited from many donations of printed and multimedia material to develop its Library collections. We welcome such donations; however, due to constraints of space and staff resources, we need to assess the relevance of any materials to the University before we can accept them.

The following factors will be considered:

  • usefulness for teaching or research at Kent
  • relevance to existing collections
  • non-duplication of existing materials (except in the case of high-demand items)
  • cost of processing and storage
  • physical condition
  • format (for example, three-dimensional objects or material in superseded machine-readable formats can rarely be accepted)
  • fittingness of the University as the repository (to avoid splitting collections across, or alienating other, institutions)

For full information please read the Library Donations Policy (pdf). Please contact the academic liaison librarian for the relevant subject to ask about donating.

Should you wish to donate a substantial collection of material, we will work with the Academic schools to assess the suitability of the gift to the University; this means that a decision can never be made immediately, and Kent staff may have to inspect the collection in situ before making a decision.

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Last Updated: 28/07/2017