Stay on top of your work

Students who keep up with their reading (pdf), seminar preparation (pdf) etc. do better at coursework and exams than those who don't - fact!

There's so much reading

We know! And for lawyers, there always will be. But there's some help here on:

The Student Learning Advisory Service has produced many other helpful study guides.

Thinking about how you take notes (on a laptop or by hand) may also be helpful.

How do I fit it all in?

Being a law student at Kent is about more than just studying - but you need to be organised with your time to keep up with your studies so good time management is essential. Use a diary or planner so you know what is when (including deadlines (pdf)). You may also find the Assignment Survival Kit (ASK) helpful when planning your time.

It sometimes also helps to be able to visualise the timing of your assessments in some way, as well as to understand how feedback you get on each assessment will help you in future work. See the stage 1 assessments timeline (pdf) for an example of what we mean. If you are in stage 2 please see the stage 2 assessments timeline (pdf).

What else can help?

Go back and take another look at/listen to lectures or podcasts from induction week, including:

  • preparing for seminars (see also this guide (pdf))
  • introduction to legal research
  • survival skills for new law students

You may also find the KLS Skills Hub reading list helpful for getting to grips with the study of law.

Outside of KLS there are many useful sites that can help such as LawBore and LearnMore alongside the sites listed on the KLS Skills Hub Moodle page.

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Last Updated: 18/03/2019