Kent Law School Skills Hub

The KLS Skills Hub is a physical and online space for law students designed to support you with your studies.

On these pages you will find practical guidance to help you in your studies.

Alternatively come and see us in real life! The KLS Skills Hub is based in Eliot College and our staff are there to help any law student with any query.

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Facebook: KLSSkillsHub

Twitter: @KLSSkillsHub


About the Skills Hub

About the Skills Hub

Opening times, who to contact, where we are, etc

Stay on top of your work

Stay on top of your work

How to cope with reading, note taking, lectures, seminars...


Assessments and exams

Assessment and exams

Lots of info about how to approach different types of assessment and advice about how and when to submit your work

Finding stuff

Finding stuff

Everything you need to know about finding cases, legislation, articles and all the rest

More help

I need more help

We can't provide all of the answers on a web page (though we try!) but we can help you go to the right place to find the answers you need



Law student FAQs

Answers to KLS Skills Hub's most commonly asked questions


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