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Research guides



  • Avalon Project - Yale University.  Collection of texts in law, history and diplomacy from ancient documents to the present
  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law - UK based research institute
  • CIGI - The Centre for International Governance is an international think tank (based in Canada) founded in 2002
  • Eagle-i - Electronic Access to Global Legal Information
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas - Includes draft agreement and proposals on intellectual property rights, anti-dumping measures, e-commerce and competition. Links to relevant information by country
  • Hague Justice Portal - Access to information, news and research activities in, and related to, The Hague
  • - site with good section on international law.
  • International Law - the United Nations international law page
  • International Law Library - includes decisions, treaties and agreements available on WorldLII
  • UN-I-QUE - searching tool for UN information from the Dag Hammarskjöld Library
  • US State Department - including US foreign policy around the world
  • World Legal Information Institute - free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law.
  • WTO Docs Online - WTO Documents online service. Searchable database of WTO documents, including press releases and full texts of WTO agreements.


Online journals

The following are some of the full text journals available free on the web.


International courts



Sources for treaties


International organisations

  • Union of International Associations  - alphabetical, subject and regional indexes of organisations
  • CoE  - Council of Europe
  • EFTA - European Free Trade Association
  • IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
  • ICC - International Chamber of Commerce
  • ILA - International Law Association
  • ILC - International Law Commission
  • ILO - International Labour Organization
  • IMF - International Monetary Fund
  • IMO - International Maritime Organisation
  • IOSCO - International Organization of Securities Commissions
  • NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  • OAS - Organization of American States
  • OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • United Nations and access to all of its agencies
  • World Bank
  • WHO - World Health Organisation
  • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation
  • WTO - World Trade Organisation


Miscellaneous international sites


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