Where to study



Book a group study space in the Library

Students can book a Group Study Room or Group Study Booth for up to 2 hours in the Templeman Library.

Book online

  • If you are on campus go to isbooking.kent.ac.uk and log in.
  • All rooms have a large screen and student PC.
  • If you won't be watching a film, please don't choose room 3 if others are free.
  • Book at least 4 hours ahead and up to 4 weeks ahead.
  • If a room is not booked and nobody is using it, please use it.

Bring a cable if you want to connect your laptop

You can connect your laptop to the large screen: you will need your own HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA cable and plug it in.

Film viewing equipment is in Group Study Room 3

Group Study Room 3 has a multi-region Blu-Ray/DVD player, surround sound, multiple light levels and blackout blinds.

Room and booth locations

  • All the Group Study Booths are in C Block on Floor 1, near the IT & Library Support Desk.
  • Group Study Rooms 1 - 4 are in C Block on Floor 2.
  • Group Study Rooms 5 - 8 are in D Block on the Ground Floor.

Usage rules



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Last Updated: 29/01/2018