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  • Date: 1950 = 1952
  • Brief description:

    Correspondence relating to Johnson' stand, following his visit to China in 1952, against the alleged use of germ warfare by American troops in Korea. 1952.

    Johnson's visit to Australia and his speech to the Australian Peace Council. 1950.

    Correspondence with, or about, the British Soviet Friendship Society .July 1952.

    Miscellaneous correspondence with Monica Whately (civil servant), John Profumo, M.P. , the Duke of Bedford, the Rev. William Melish (National Council of American-Soviet Friendship), Anna Louisa Strong (American journalist), the Bishop of Dover, the Fechenbachs (artists and friends of Johnson), Jessie Street (Australian Peace Council), Corliss Lamont (National Council of American-Soviet Friendship), D. N. Pritt , March 1950-November 1952

    Japanese translations of Johnson's books. February 1951.

    Requests for interviews from British, American and Asian newspapers. 1950-1952

    Correspondence with Lawrence and Wishart, publishers, and Hutchinson, publishers. 1950.

    Johnson's visit to Czechslovakia. June 1950.

    Invitations from parish priests for Johnson to preach in their churches. 1952.

    Speeches and correspondence relating to Johnson's visit to China. 1952.

  • Identifier: UKC-JOH-COR.1628-1851
  • Subject keyword:

    Korean War, 1950-1953--Biological warfare.

    Anglo-Soviet Friendship Society

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Writings--Publication

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Writings--Translations

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Travels--Czechoslovakia--1950

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Travels--Australia--1950

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Travels--China--1952

Further Details

  • Accession Number: 1628-1851
  • Organisation: Australian Peace Council
  • Description level: 4
  • Language: English
  • Material type: letter
  • Identity code: UKC/JOH/COR : 1628-1851
  • Part: Hewlett Johnson Papers
  • Date: 1950 = 1952
  • Organisation:

    publisher : Lawrence and Wishart

    publisher : Hutchinson

  • Person:

    correspondent : Whately, (Mary) Monica, Ms., 1889-1960 (campaigner for women's rights and civil liberties)

    correspondent : Profumo, John (Dennis ), Mr.,b. 1915 (British politician, secretary of state for war 1960-63)

    correspondent : Melish, W. Howard, Revd., c.1910-1986 (Episcopal priest ousted from his Brooklyn parish during the MCCarthy era because of his political views)

    correspondent : Strong, Anna Louise, Miss, 1885-1970 (American socialist and pacifist)

    correspondent : Fechenbach, Hermann Israel, Herr, 1897-1986 ?

    correspondent : Street, Jessie, Mrs., 1889-1970 (Australian peace campaigner born Jessie Lillingston)

    correspondent : Lamont, Corliss, Mr., 1902-1995 (American humanist philosopher and civil liberties advocate)

    correspondent : Pritt, D. N. (Denis Nowell), Mr., 1887-1972 (lawyer and political activist)

  • Related material: UKC/JOH D1/2/19
  • Relatedmaterial summary: Hewlett's Diary for 1950
  • Repository: Special Collections, University of Kent at Canterbury

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