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  • Date: 1956 = 1961
  • Brief description:

    Johnson's appearance on the Granada TV programme "Youth Is Asking". April-May 1956.

    Deliberations of the King's School Governing Body as to whether Johnson should continue to act as Chairman of Governors at meetings or on public occasions. March and April 1957.

    Correspondence surrounding Johnson's letter to The Times about the inferiority of English education (especially private education) compared to the Russian educational system. October 1957.

    Correspondence relating to Johnson's publications, including royalty statements on two of his books. January 1956-May 1957.

    Assorted correspondence with National Council for American-Soviet Friendship, Margaret Babington (Friends of Canterbury Cathedral), Perolow Anderson (reporter), Robert Tritton (of Godmersham Park), Catherine Williamson (about the Westgate Gardens) and others. November 1956-July 1957. Letters of support for Johnson's views from a Methodist, a Carmelite nun working at Fords, and others. January-February 1944.

    Documentation relating to the question of whether the Dean or the Archdeacon of Canterbury is historically entitled to enthrone the Archbishop of Canterbury . February 1961.

    Correspondence with Sherwood Eddy and others in America. August-November 1945.

    Messages of congratulation on Johnson's award of the Red Banner of Labour. July 1945.

    Letters and telegrams from Field Marshall Montgomery, Josef Stalin and Ivan Maisky. April-December 1944.

    Correspondence with Victor Gollancz and A. C. Bouquet. February 1945-January 1946

  • Identifier: UKC-JOH-COR.1369-1504
  • Subject keyword:

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Images--T.V. and Radio

    King's School (Canterbury, England)

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Chairman of Governors of King's School (Canterbury, England)

    Education--Soviet Union

    Private schools--Great Britain

    Peace movements--U.S.A.

    Johnson, Hewlett, 1874-1966--Honours

Further Details

  • Accession Number: 1369-1504
  • Description level: 4
  • Language: English
  • Material type: letter
  • Identity code: UKC/JOH/COR : 1369-1504
  • Part: Hewlett Johnson Papers
  • Date: 1956 = 1961
  • Organisation: National Council for American-Soviet Friendship
  • Person:

    correspondent : Babington, Margaret A., Miss, 1878-1958 (Secretary to the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral)

    correspondent : Eddy, Sherwood, Dr., 1871-1963 (American author and YMCA leader in the Orient, the Near East, and Russia)

    correspondent : Montgomery of Alamein, Bernard Law Montgomery, Viscount, 1887-1976

    correspondent : Stalin, Joseph, Mr.,1879-1953( Soviet statesman, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili)

    correspondent : Maiskii, I. M. (Ivan Mikhailovich), Mr., 1884-1975 (Soviet Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1932-1943, born to Polish parents in Russia as Jan Lachowiecki)

    correspondent : Gollancz, Victor, Sir, 1893-1967 (publisher and writer)

    correspondent : Tritton, Robert, Mr. (well known collector and owner of Godmersham Park from 1935)

    correspondent : Bouquet, Alan Coates, Revd. Dr., 1884-1976 (theologian)

    correspondent : Anderson, Perolow, Mr. (reporter)

    correspondent : Williamson, Catherine Ellis, Mrs., c.1887-1977 (Canterbury's first woman mayor, from 1938-1940)

  • Repository: Special Collections, University of Kent at Canterbury

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