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The Strange Gentleman

Dickens' The Great Wingleberry Duel, performed as The Strange Gentleman, was one of his short pieces published in Sketches by Boz in 1836.

This was one of the few dramas which Dickens then adapted for the stage with some success, in that there were few pirated versions followed. One reason for the lack of derivative versions may have been the fact that, by performing this play, Dickens established dramatic copyright.

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The strange gentleman : a comic burletta, in two acts

(Dicks' Standard Edition, 1880s)

Charles Dickens

0590910 0591677 0591678


The Honest Tradesman [reading from 'A Tale of Two Cities'] and The Strange Gentleman

{performed at St Pancras Town Hall, London, on 10 October 1952)

Charles Dickens


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